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Are you tired of dealing with unreliable electricians? Does finding a trustworthy and professional electrician in Clontarf seem impossible? At Unique Electrical, we understand your frustration. We offer top-quality electrical services designed according to your specific needs. 

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What Electrical Services Do We Offer in Clontarf?

At Unique Electrical, we provide a comprehensive range of electrical services customised to meet the unique needs of our customers in Clontarf.

Our experts offer their electrical services in the residential, commercial, and industrial sector, ensuring quality and safety in every project.

Residential Electrical Services

Our team specialises in a variety of residential electrical services in Clontarf, including installations, repairs, and maintenance.

We ensure your home's electrical system is safe and efficient, covering everything from lighting upgrades to complete rewiring.

Commercial Electrical Services

As a leading commercial electrician in Clontarf, we offer customised solutions for businesses.

Our services include electrical system design, installation, and maintenance, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum safety for your commercial premises.

Electrical System Upgrades

We provide expert electrical system upgrades to enhance the safety and functionality of your property.

Our services include upgrading fuse boards, installing smart metres, and improving energy efficiency to meet current standards.

Lighting Solutions

Unique Electrical offers innovative lighting solutions, including LED installations and energy-efficient lighting upgrades.

Our services help you save on energy costs while enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Safety Inspections and Compliance

We conduct thorough electrical safety inspections to ensure your property complies with local regulations.

Our detailed inspections help identify potential hazards, ensuring the safety of your electrical system.

How Can Our 24/7 Emergency Electrical Services Help Your Business?

Electrical emergencies can distract your business operations at any time, and our 24/7 emergency services are designed to provide quick and reliable solutions.

Unique Electrical is always ready to respond to your commercial emergency needs, ensuring safety and minimising disruptions.

Immediate Response

Our team is available around the clock to respond to electrical emergencies in Clontarf.

We prioritise quick response times to address issues promptly, ensuring the safety and continuity of your business operations.

Fault Diagnosis and Repair

We use advanced diagnostic tools to identify and repair electrical faults efficiently.

Whether it's a power outage, faulty wiring, or a malfunctioning commercial appliance, our skilled electricians can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue to minimise downtime.

Electrical Fire Prevention

Our emergency services include addressing potential fire hazards caused by electrical faults.

We ensure that your commercial electrical system is safe and compliant, reducing the risk of electrical fires and protecting your business premises.

Power Restoration

In case of a power outage, our team works quickly to restore power to your business.

We identify the cause of the outage and implement effective solutions to get your electrical system up and running again, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Safety Advise and Temporary Solutions

During an emergency, we provide immediate safety advise and temporary solutions to keep your business safe until a permanent fix can be implemented.

Our goal is to minimise the impact of the emergency while ensuring the safety and convenience of your commercial operations.

Our Process

Booking our electrician services in Dublin is easy and convenient.


Contact us to discuss your electrical needs. Our team offers expert advice and solutions tailored to your specific requirements.


Choose a convenient time for our certified electricians to carry out the work. We respect your schedule and ensure timely service.

Our skilled electricians complete the job with precision and efficiency, ensuring minimal disruption and top-quality results.

Why Choose Us for Your Electrical Inspections and Safety Checks?

Ensuring the safety of your electrical system is important for the well-being of your home or business.

At Unique Electrical, we offer comprehensive inspections and safety checks to prevent potential hazards and maintain compliance with regulations.

Comprehensive Inspections

Our professional electricians perform thorough inspections of your electrical system to identify any potential issues.

We check everything from wiring and outlets to circuit breakers, ensuring your system is safe and reliable.

Advanced Diagnostic Tools

We use advanced diagnostic tools to detect hidden electrical problems that may pose safety risks.

Our advanced technology helps us identify issues that might be missed during a standard inspection, ensuring thorough and accurate assessments.

Detailed Safety Reports

After completing an inspection, we provide detailed safety reports outlining our findings and recommended actions.

These reports help you understand the condition of your electrical system and the steps needed to ensure its safety.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular inspections and safety checks are essential for preventative maintenance.

By identifying and addressing issues early, we help you avoid costly repairs and potential hazards, ensuring the long-term safety of your property.

Compliance with Regulations

Our inspections ensure your electrical system complies with local safety regulations.

We stay updated on the latest standards and codes, providing peace of mind that your property meets all legal requirements.

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How Do We Ensure Energy Efficiency with Our Residential Electrical Solutions?

At Unique Electrical, our electricians are committed to helping you reduce energy consumption and save on utility bills through our energy-efficient residential electrical solutions.

Our services are designed to enhance efficiency without compromising on performance.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

We offer a range of energy-efficient lighting solutions for your home, including LED installations and upgrades.

These options not only reduce energy usage but also provide better lighting quality and longer lifespan compared to traditional bulbs.

Smart Home Integration

Our smart home solutions help you manage energy consumption more effectively.

From smart thermostats to automated lighting systems, we provide the tools you need to control and optimise your energy usage in your home.

Energy Audits

We conduct comprehensive energy audits to identify areas where you can improve efficiency.

Our audits include a detailed analysis of your home's energy consumption patterns and recommendations for reducing waste and enhancing efficiency.

Solar Panel Installation

Unique Electrical offers professional solar panel installation services to use renewable energy.

Solar panels can significantly reduce your dependence on traditional power sources and lower your energy bills.

Efficient Appliances and Systems

We recommend and install energy-efficient appliances and electrical systems that meet the highest standards of performance and sustainability.

Our solutions help you achieve optimal efficiency in your home's electrical operations.

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